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Testimonials: see how coaching has helped our clients

I feel compelled to write this testimonial for Eric because my coaching session left such an impact on me. Just as a doctor needs a doctor, a coach needs a coach, and even though I earn my living as a professional coach, I was wrestling with a dilemma regarding staying in London or moving to Spain and wanted some assistance.

In our session Eric asked me some powerful questions that left me nowhere to hide and drew me to some clear conclusions. Eric also then helped me map out some great strategies and I can report that I am now very happily living in Spain. Without the skills and and attention to detail that Eric showed, there may well have been another outcome. Thank you Eric, you are a great coach and you make a real difference! I highly recommend Eric to anyone looking to get out of their own way and make real progress in their lives.
–Steve Payne – Executive coach, certified Master Trainer of NLP

What you notice about Eric, even right at the beginning of the session is that, he is 100% present there, paying all his attention at every single word coming out of your mind. Another great virtue you will realize right after that is, he knows exactly when and how long to listen to (and he IS a great listener), as well as when to step in and ask the right question to make sure that, the session moves in the right direction.

He helped me to clarify my path in life, among so many (yes, truly many) viable options and to become crystal clear about my priorities and goals. Becoming sure about your true goals, is truly a blessing in our century and society. I would recommend everyone with similar “over-dose situation” to sit down together with Eric.
–Kivanc Oroglu

Eric is a great coach. He deeply connects with his clients and helps them to reach their goals. I have had the opportunity to take a coaching session from Eric and he has helped me a lot to clarify my goal and clarify my clear action plan. I fully recommend you Eric as a great Freedom Lifestyle Coach who would definitely help you to set clear goals in your lifestyle planning.
–Ebru Madanoglu

After initially sitting down with Eric and discussing my goals and passions, my world was shortly rocked. We came to the realisation that my goals weren’t entirely my own, and they were fed by society. After a shift in thinking, I’m now focusing on what truly makes me happy, not just the next promotion. Thanks Eric
–Adam Bandoo-Associate Financial Analyst